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Genie for Sale – Cheap

A Moody Gasping Middle School Adventure – Book 2

Author – Patricia Srigley (197 pages)

(The Moody Gasping Middle School Series is set in the same school, where sheer weirdness is always on the menu. Each book introduces new characters, so the stories do not have to be read in order.)

In the mysterious setting of Moody Gasping Middle School, Corbit Bowman finds a crumpled, juice-stained scrap of paper. It advertises a genie for sale. That little piece of paper is going to change his life. Since Corbit is hiding in a smelly garbage can when he finds it, perhaps his life could do with some changing, as long as it is change for the better.

If any kid ever needed a genie, Corbit is that kid. Although it would have been helpful if his new genie came with a few warning labels, something along the lines of ‘Highly Combustible’ or ‘Be Careful What You Wish For, You Just Might Get It’.