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Author – Patricia Srigley (355 pages)

Of all things born, a flame has the most fleeting life, and the quickest death.

The heir son of the Rainlord is hunting a flock of firefish when he comes face-to-filthy-face with a northern wildling. Every southerner knows their reputation as dragon-spawned savages and the girl Flynn meets certainly proves it is justified. When he ends up robbed and beaten bloody, he has no choice but to drag her back to his sire’s ever-changing maze of a prison and sentence her to suffer.

It is only the beginning of his trials, not the end. Saffire earns her freedom and his best friend disappears as if in a puff of smoke. The wildling is either the culprit responsible or the only one who can track Dale and bring him safely home again. Flynn wants to believe she can perform the miracle, but it is hard to have faith in any wildling, especially one who stabs him while he lies sleeping. And naming herself the legendary fire-master of the north, well, that is every bit as ludicrous as her claim that the true villain is as insubstantial as a shadow’s shadow.

When the threat escalates to endanger both sides of the Dis’Gorge, Saffire and Flynn must set aside a lifetime of prejudice and band together if man’s world is to endure – although trusting each other may prove even harder than defeating the evil whose power is growing all out of control, rather like its unbelievable new sidekick.

Fire-scape was a fantastic read that would make for a great mini-series. The characters were presented in such a way that I found myself wanting to learn more about them. The strategic comic relief gave a sense of realness … The struggles between the two different worlds was captivating. Overall, a great use of a strong feminine heroine. (Samantha, 21)

An unbelievably engaging and satisfying read. Fire-scape is a perfectly paced story that had just the right mix of romance and adventure. I was completely absorbed in Saffire and Flynn’s attempt to build each other’s trust and meld their worlds while faced with endless chaos. When I had to, it was difficult to let go and put the book down. Overall, an amazing read, definitely recommended to all fantasy lovers. (S.C. adult)