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Author – Patricia Srigley (280 pages)

Phillipa’s adventure begins when a mysterious bracelet is thrust onto her arm in the middle of the night, disturbing a perfectly good sleep. As soon as the thing tightens around her skin like a strangling snake, it proves to a curse rather than a blessing. She is pursued across a country, and then an ocean.

Cats are reputed to have nine lives, and Phillipa quickly discovers that she has so many more lives than a cat—as long as she wears the gruesome bracelet, which is a very lucky thing indeed because she does need those extra lives quite desperately. Phillipa endures stormy seas, shipwrecks, pirates, traitors, vexing secrets, and even a bull named Lucifer.

When the perilous ocean crossing turns truly deadly, the powerful magic of the bracelet allows Phillipa to help those who have helped her. But can she save herself, or is she doomed by the very artifact that was intended to keep her safe?

A historic fantasy set in the exciting era of world exploration.