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Blue Wings

Author – Patricia Srigley (194 pages)

Annabelle Blue, the main culprit in this tale, is the first to notice that the butterflies are disappearing. An alarming new trend in dresses can’t be a coincidence. She concludes that someone is stealing the wings right off the butterflies’ backs. Since Annabelle has a reputation for being disagreeable, and a talent for creating a quarrel with nothing but the echo of her words, nobody believes her.

Her quest for the truth leads her to trespass in lands where lowly pixies are not welcome and Annabelle is quick to find trouble. She comes face-to-face with beings who are different from her, and therefore not to be trusted, no matter how nice they seem and how many times they save her life.

In a misguided, divided world, it seems an impossible task for Annabelle to discover the truth and save the butterflies before they are gone forever. If such a great feat can be accomplished, it will take more than one little pixie …

… really appreciate all the concepts … (nature/environmental concerns, morality, values, etc.) and the complex emotional/friendship/family issues tackled and blended into the tale. I always find your dialogue and character development gripping and intense, even when intended for younger audiences. If this was developed for the big screen (I’m thinking BIG here) … Disney, it would be a beloved classic … (A.M.P.)