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April-May June Series: Message in a Bubble

Author – Patricia Srigley (267 pages)

April’s biggest adventure yet!

April-May June has lived in the wonderful elvan realm of New Haven for less than one year and suddenly everything is changing around her, and not in a good way. Some of her troubles can be blamed on an unwelcome gift from the Outer-World, but not all. The real problem is that April is not growing up as fast as her friends. Five years lost and alone in the forest have put her at something of a disadvantage as she approaches her sixteenth birthday.

While struggling to fit in and catch up, April receives a second surprise from afar, and this one is so much worse than the first. And so much bigger! Not to mention smelly and destructive. April’s everyday worries fade away when she finds a chilling message in the wreckage of her tower room, written for her eyes only.

April has but one true choice – to embark on a rescue mission that no elf can be expected to survive.

Book 1 – A World Apart
Book 2 – Mad About Magic
Book 3 – Message in a Bubble
Book 4 – April Fooled