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April-May June Series: Mad About Magic

Author – Patricia Srigley (289 pages)

Spinning lakes, vicious mice, plants that imitate snakes … and that’s only the beginning! Before April-May June can get too comfortable in her new home, strange magical happenings upset the elvan realm, for the very first time ever. Since the newly arrived April is the only elf in New Haven with strong magic, a guilty finger is pointed directly at her.

When the troublesome events turn truly dangerous, April must discover who or what is behind all the mayhem, especially since it is starting to look like she and her friends are the true targets.

Book 1 – A World Apart
Book 2 – Mad About Magic
Book 3 – Message in a Bubble
Book 4 – April Fooled

I loved this book … you’d think it’d be one of those cheesy books but wow it was fabulous … (Andrea H. 15 year old girl)