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April-May June Series: April Fooled

Author – Patricia Srigley (286 pages)

Like her friends, April is leaving childhood behind, but unlike her friends, she is not doing it with any sort of grace. The situation deteriorates further when the malicious Cherry Pitt tricks their class into drinking a troublesome potion. By sheer chance, April is spared the mixture, but not the resulting mess.

April is run ragged trying to control the damaging side effects of Cherry’s meddling, and at the same time, find a mysterious frog that isn’t a frog. When April begins to exhibit symptoms of a mysterious magical malaise, her affliction proves contagious to the enchanted world of New Haven. And the protective forcefield is trapping the buildup of tainted magic. Is April’s departure the only cure for the magical realm? Or does the frog know how to fix things, if she can convince it to talk.

Book 1 – A World Apart
Book 2 – Mad About Magic
Book 3 – Message in a Bubble
Book 4 – April Fooled