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April-May June Series: A World Apart

Author – Patricia Srigley (344 pages)

Magically illustrated by the author.

April-May June believes that she is the very last elf in the world. And then she tumbles into a magically-guarded realm that is overflowing with beings exactly like her. Or are they? Her reception in New Haven is not as warm and welcoming as it could be. April still feels lost. And there is one big secret she must keep or else she will surely be banished back to the dangerous outer-world. April’s adventures don’t end when she discovers New Haven – they begin.

Share April’s struggles and triumphs as she tries to fit into a world that only she knows needs her even more than she needs it.

Book 1 – A World Apart
Book 2 – Mad About Magic
Book 3 – Message in a Bubble
Book 4 – April Fooled

Montreal author-illustrator, Patricia Srigley’s debut fantasy is a riveting read of magic, myth, mystery and misadventure … but secret worlds, and stories like this enchanting one of Ms. Srigley’s , often take intriguing twists and turns … It’s hard to imagine a more imaginative, playful presentation than this one. (Books in Canada)

I started to realize that this was going to be one of those books, the ones that make you stay up until 3:00 a.m. reading … so amazing at the surprise factor … (S.C. 13-year-old boy)

I couldn’t put it down … I can’t wait to read the next one … (Heather W. 11-year-old girl)